Alton Lake Sailing Association

St. Louis Area Sailing Club

2021 Wrap-up

Another fantastic year at ALSA.

Chili Cookout!

Another great weekend of weather at the club! Many have been enjoying fall sailing too. Carl and crew got out after the Chili, Ken and I made a run on the SuperCat.

(Other fall sailing)

Fall Saturday Night BBQ

A great time was had by all. Allen and Wendell had a good sail before the bbq, a nice bonfire to take us into the evening!

Fall Sailing, BBQ is next!

Breakfast on the River 6/27/21

Great morning for breakfast, while watching the river slowly rise….

June 13th

Great day to head to Grafton!

October at ALSA

Not bad for a cool October 24th, stopping at Duck Blind Island, a nice NE breeze, stronger blow earlier in the day!

September on the River

A good couple weeks of late summer sailing

It’s been a good couple of weeks, with some nice evenings, and great weather over Labor Day. Even a few trips up to Grafton, including one by new members Cathy and Ron. As usual, I don’t have pics of everyone, but posted what I could.

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