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September on the River

A good couple weeks of late summer sailing

It’s been a good couple of weeks, with some nice evenings, and great weather over Labor Day. Even a few trips up to Grafton, including one by new members Cathy and Ron. As usual, I don’t have pics of everyone, but posted what I could.

Early August Sailing

Been way too long since I posted anything! Allen and Audrey got a nice sail in today. They headed upriver in a nice breeze, made it back as it was calming down for the evening. Denny is getting his new-to-him SuperCat set up, looking forward to seeing it on the water!

September 2019

Good September sailing up to Grafton, and beyond to Island 521!  Several made it out, only have a few pics.



Making up for lost time!

Let’s keep the late summer fun going!


Screenshot_0(We ran into some large waves that day)

August 2019

It’s been good out on the water the last 2 weekends, great to see Allen’s new square top finally out, and Curt out there as well.  We didn’t try to chase Allen down in the H18s yet, will let him break that nice sail in first.  Looking forward to more time on the water!2019-08-10 15.19.14thumbnail_IMG_2050

Passing the time until spring

Mother nature didn’t provide us the typical excellent fall sailing season this year, so just passing the time until next spring.  To keep our minds on better weather, I thought I would pull more video off my camera from a good solo sailing day earlier this year.

Hope to see everyone early next spring, lots of boats on the water!

Great week of sailing, now it’s time to clear out for a week to let this little flood come through

Last week was great!  Bob and Ken took advantage of the big winds on Monday to head up to Island 521 and past the Boathouse.  I know at least Wendell made it up Thursday.  Sunday a lot of people were out, was good to see Dan and Nick and Allen and Audrey on the water, the P19 is back in business.  Too large of a crowd to name them all were enjoying a picnic and the river, but I will say Hi Mom!  I was able to take Kristen and Alex on Sunday.  I didn’t make it Monday, but I know that Bob, Bob and Nick were out.

That being said, a little flood is coming through.  It looks like it’s time to clear out for this weekend, but we’ll be back soon for that great September and October sailing!


August 4, 2018

There was a decent breeze Saturday.  Was good to see Wendell and crew Henry out on his H18.  Bob & Mary headed upriver with me, we met up with Wendell after a little while.  Bob Sr took a break from the post-storm fiberglass repair work to go out on his Laser.






Check out the storm damage behind Wendell and Bob Sr


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